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My Process



My Process begins with Your Heart.

I know, it may sound corny, but it is true. My number one goal is to help you Identify, Clarify and Express the vision of your heart.

It’s my heart’s desire to help you find yours!

Marriage is a wonderfully sweet mix of one of the most important decisions you will ever make combined with some of the most fun you will ever have. Considered one of life’s major milestones, marriage is both a delightful gift and a profound responsibility.

It’s kind of a big deal!

It is with that mindset that I approach wedding planning. I take it seriously and I have a lot of fun. Guiding you through my Three Phases of Planning, I work with you to create an event that is not just wonderfully beautiful, but also personally meaningful.




Your wedding vision will unfold as I lead you through my Three Phases of Planning. Using Words, Images, Symbols & Elements (WISE), we will flow through each phase to Identify, Clarify & Express the vision of your heart.


Identify Your Wedding Vision

The main goal of Phase One is to Identify and begin to Clarify your wedding vision. It begins with Words. I start by searching for just the right words that correctly reflect you and the vision of your heart. What are your interests? What are your favorites? What makes your heart sing and dance? Answers to these questions provide a window to your soul and a path to your wedding day dreams.

After choosing the right Words, we then move on to Images. A picture is truly worth a thousand words, so I work alongside you to thoughtfully select images that resonate with the beat of your heart. Each like and dislike reveals more about what you truly desire.

Next up are Symbols. Whether it is a textured pillow, your favorite color of nail polish or that cozy sweater that you were wearing when you first met your fiance, Symbols are integral in developing a clear vision for your wedding day. The Symbols represent in the natural world what you have been dreaming about in the world of your heart. As each step is clarified, we transition into the latter part of the phase - venue and vendor consultations.


Clarify Your Wedding Vision

As each venue and vendor consultation takes the leap from potential to booked, the planning process enters Phase Two. This is the longest phase. It consists of a bounty of venue and vendor planning meetings. Each meeting is designed to further clarify the numerous and exciting details that lead us to the full expression of your event vision.

From pretty flowers to stylish chairs to savory and sweet tastings and much more, your wedding vision takes definite shape. Phase Two elevates us from only dreaming about your vision with Words, Images & Symbols, to actually touching, tasting and selecting the specific Elements that will be used on your wedding day!


Express Your Wedding Vision

This is it! It is what we have been waiting for and working towards! Once all the Elements have been chosen, it is time to Express the complete vision. In this last planning phase, all the wedding details are finalized. Itineraries, Inventories, Diagrams & Floor Plans are developed, checked and confirmed. Final changes are made and those last payments are paid. Then, finally…the full vision! Your heart’s epiphany is revealed! (Cheers, Tears, Happiness & Joy!!)